Interview with Graphic Designer Katerina Demina

Katerina Demina (@deminadesign) is a graphic designer who has created a bold and minimalistic logo for our brand Ozero Swimwear.


Katerina was born in a small town near Ekaterinburg, but she is currently based in Perm, Russia. Graphic design was always her passion, since high school. And this passion helped her to create a successful company Demina Design Studio (@deminadesignstudio) at the age of 19!

Here is our quick Q&A with Katerina.

  • What’s the best logo of all times? Superman and I♥️NY.

  • Best graphic design studio? NoNameBranding (New York), Choice (Moscow), Rowan Made (Sydney).

  • What’s the most difficult part of being a graphic designer? Dealing with print shops!

  • Dream company to work for? Starbucks, Anouki, Mercedes, Fenty Beauty, Surf Coffee and many more!

  • What’s your favourite book about design? “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky and “Design, Form, and Chaos” by Paul Rand.

  • Why foreigners should visit your city, Perm? Because they will feel special here and will meet amazingly friendly people with a unique way of thinking.

  • What’s your favourite place in Perm? Digital Port by Kama river.

  • Best coffee place in Perm? Red Cup and K16.

  • How would you describe people from Perm to foreigners? Open, friendly, talented and girls from Perm are insanely beautiful!

  • What’s your favourite city? Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • What’s your dream place to live? My own private house, location doesn’t really matter as far as I can travel a lot.

  • Best place on earth? Anywhere where my family is, where I am not alone and feel loved.

  • Book that has changed your life? Haven’t read it yet… Only some people have changed my life so far.
  • Movie that you are ready to watch over and over again? All movies with Will Smith!
  • Which superhero are you? I am Groot.

  • Which talent would you like to have? Teleportation.

  • How do you start your day? My day cannot be officially started without a good breakfast.

  • How do you finish your day? With some stretching and TV.

  • How would you describe your style? Feminine surfer.

  • What’s your secret beauty weapon? Ice cubes – better than any eye patches.

  • If you had another career what would you’ve been doing? I would have been a tomb raider like Lara Croft ;)

  • The words you live by? If I want something, it means I already have it somewhere – I just simply need to go grab it!

  • What advice you have for young graphic designers today? – Go clean the mess on your desk, laptop and then in your head! Simply love what you do and do it better than you can.