Interview with Painter and Fashion Illustrator Mari Fedi

Mari Fedi (@mari_fedi) is a painter and fashion illustrator from Rome, Italy. Mari's artworks talk about serene places and graceful female characters.

Mari Fedi for Ozero Swimwear

Mari Fedi was born in Taranto, a beautiful city in the South of Italy. She studied painting at the Fine Art Academy of Rome and got a Master's Degree in Illustration. Now Mari is based in Rome and working with people from all around the world. Her work with a beautiful choice of muted colors has a very distinct feeling of peace, grace, and harmony.

Enjoy our Q&A with Mari and discover her beautiful gouache paintings for Ozero Swimwear.

  • How would you describe yourself in two-three words? Open-hearted, understanding, careful.
  • What do you love about your job as an illustrator? Having a chance to meet brand owners from different parts of the world and learn from them.
  • What’s the hardest part of your job? The process itself of designing and finalizing an illustration is very long and complex, but the most delicate part is to communicate the “nature” of my work. Being an illustrator is not just making nice images, but creating an emotional link between the brand, my work, and brand's owner. 
  • Where do you get your inspiration? I mostly find inspiration when I do things that have nothing to do with my work, like tidying up my studio or working in my garden.
  • What’s your favorite medium for drawing? My favorite medium ever is black ink, I love the results and the smell of the ink too. I also love drawing with pens and of course painting with gouache. Recently I discovered digital painting and it’s quite satisfying as well!
  • What’s your favorite color? Deep blue.
  • Three distinctive features of your artwork? I think they’re delicate, intimate, and inclusive.
  • What misconception do people have about illustrators? That they’re naive and indisciplined. Being an illustrator as a full-time job means having a very clear vision of how to run a business, and you need strong discipline to do that. 
  • Who is your most favorite artist? Georgia O'Keeffe, Piero della Francesca, Giorgio de Chirico... so many actually!
  • Favorite painting? Oh, that's a tough question, I think The Flagellation of Christ by Piero della Francesca.
  • What do you love most about living in Italy? I love the wittiness of Italians.
  • Your favorite hideaway in Rome? When I need some alone time to find clarity and peace I always take a long walk in Appia Antica park. 
  • Your most favorite Italian word? I like the word FRICCICORIO, which means feeling a sparkling sensation in your heart and skin. You use this word when you’re quite excited about something or you feel like you are falling in love with someone or something.
  • What’s your favorite Italian dish? Lasagne, of course <3
  • The best compliment to an Italian? TI BRILLANO GLI OCCHI, that means you have shiny eyes.
  • What you should never say to Italians? That we only have good food and nice weather :) 
  • What’s the best compliment that you’ve ever received? I’m happy when people tell me that my paintings help them find a connection with themselves.
  • Your dream place to visit? Japan.
  • What’s your favorite vacation spot? My two favorite vacation places are Todi in Umbria, as well as Ravello and Positano on the Amalfi Coast. 
  • Any fashion/style icon? Florence Welch (@florence).
  • Favorite movie/cartoon character? All the Studio Ghibli movies.
  • What makes you smile? Working with smart and nice people, achieving my career goals, my friends and family, my cats, my garden. 
  • What do you admire in people? Clarity and generosity. 

Illustrations by Mari Fedi for Ozero Swimwear

Fashion Illustration by Mari Fedi for Ozero Swimwear


Fashion Illustration by Mari Fedi for Ozero Swimwear