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Evgeniya Manko's fashion illustration for Ozero Swimwear

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Evgeniya Manko

Evgeniya Manko is a fashion illustrator from Ukraine, who is famous for her beautiful editorial illustrations and style-driven characters. Discover Evgeniya's exclusive illustrations for Ozero Swimwear and read our quick Q&A to find out how she started her career and what's her secret talent.
Fashion Illustrator Lera Kopeleva for Ozero Swimwear

Interview with Fashion Illustrator Lera Kopeleva

Lera Kopeleva is a self-taught fashion illustrator from Belarus, who is currently based in Cape Town, Africa. Read our interview with this young and ambitious artist to learn why she loves Africa, which question she hates to be asked, and how to take criticism. And of course, explore her beautiful illustrations for Ozero Swimwear.

Artist Yuliya Yg for Ozero Swimwear

Interview with Artist Yuliya Yg

Yuliya Yg is an artist behind the Abstract Prints for Ozero Swimwear debut collection. She is famous for painting watercolor portraits of women with a focus on fashion. Read our quick Q&A with Yuliya Yg for Ozero Swimwear Blog to find her secret hobbies, dream coffee-date, and "Herring" obsession.